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Hello & Welcome to TUI-DESIGN.COM

if I may, some stuff about me...

I am Stephan - the owner-operator-artist | THE GUY behind tui-design.com |          


I am glad you landed here; nice to meet you. At the bottom of the page is a link, and if you like to drop me a line, I am looking forward to it.

I'm operating tui-desing.com now for over two years, and I've had massive fun doing it.

I love the process of creating artwork, sometimes it takes just minutes, and other times it takes days to finish something. But I always strive to create something I like, something I would hang in my place, or I would wear. 

I fully understand that MY personal taste is not always the taste of the general public, but the simple fact that you are here - reading this - means you are not just this - I mean - general, in general, actually. 

Currently, I am enjoying the amenities Germany has to offer. I am living in the Rheingau area, and I go hiking in my spare time.

My business partner is Kellsey Stevens, a German-born lady, who is currently living with her girlfriend in Cape Town. I will get her to introduce herself.  

Here are some reasons you should buy from tui-design.com:

You get free Shipping after just $50US. We have sourced top Quality Products to meet High Standards, we have a lot of different sizes available, you have a wide range to choose from, you buy from real people, not a CEO who flies to space for fun, I pay taxes, and I pay fair wages and prices to ALL! Staff, suppliers - everybody!

Here are some reasons I would like you to NOT BUY FROM tui-design.com: 

If you like Trump! If you think Putin has a point! If you start sentences with: "I not a racist, BUT..", and if you think LGTBQI+ should have fewer rights, then I would respectfully ask you to NOT BUY from me, and rather go and fuck yourself. 

Thank you for being on my page, if you buy from me you support a small enterprise to pay the bills of living. 


Professional Quality Fine Art and Photographic Printing

Thank you again, 


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Stephan Kellermann
Bad Schwalbacher Strasse 

65307 Bad Schwalbach, Germany