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Hello and welcome to Tui-Design.com

My name is Stephan, I am the sole owner of this page. I am a close to 50 year old guy, born in Germany and I'm living in a small coastal town on the Eastcoast of New Zealand. I was a Chef and now I work for a small Charitable Trust where we are helping to overcome unemployment and brining people into self-employment. This started off with physical stores, like a fruit&vegetable store, a native nursery, a Cafe, and a School Lunch program. And for a while this was really good. 

And then Covid hit us, and by March 2020 we were all sitting around unable to provide for ourselves, and we had to come up with ideas.

My boss and I started taking online classes to learn about ecommerce. Not anything I had done in my previous life, and on many days I was unsure if I could pull through it. I watched many courses and spend hours on YouTube listening to "gurus", filling a whole lecture book with notes. 

I didn't get anywhere until my Boss signed us up for a 6 weeks boot camp course. The goal was to open up our own online shops at the end of week 5. We did - and it was a disaster. I had a shop - yes, but the links weren't working how they supposed to, the side was big and slow, and the designs needed improvement. 

We where thought: build - design -  advertise - sell. That's not how it works.

Now, my shop is online since September 2020, I learned a lot and it is going well. But this is still not my main job.

By now I have the knowledge to teach and help others to build their online stores. The honest way. And that is really fun, helping others is my passion.

But also here, at Tui-Design.com I have a lot of fun. I like designing all over prints the most. That is the biggest challenge. I found this Qmilk material and it is soft as silk. I wear them myself. And I like T-shirts with rather controversial writings, as you will see.

I will continue operating my shop, design my heart away. I mainly rely on unpaid advertising, my Facebook page and some positive reviews. 

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Thank you for being on my page, if you buy from me you support a small enterprise to pay the bills of living. 

Thank you again, 


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Stephan Kellermann
12 Cook Street 
Tolaga Bay, 4077, New Zealand
email: Stephan@tui-design.com
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